eTail East 2016 (past event)

August 14-August 17, 2016


Main Conference Day One: Reimagining and Reinventing Retail

07:20 AM - 07:50 AM Registration And Networking Breakfast Inside The Solution Zone

Registration And Networking Breakfast Inside The Solution Zone

07:50 AM - 08:00 AM Welcome Address & Opening Ice Breaker

Lori Hawthorne, Events Director, eTail Conferences

08:00 AM - 08:15 AM Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

Jill Rose, Senior Director , US Mid-Market, PayPal
PayPal Executive


Jill Rose

Senior Director , US Mid-Market

08:15 AM - 08:40 AM Keynote: Creating An Authentic Company And Reimagining The Retail Experience

Jon Sainsbury, President International & Head of Marketing, Blue Nile Inc
Since Blue Nile’s founding, it has created a transparent relationship in an opaque industry by offering education and guidance with non-commissioned consultants – all online. Most predicted failure, but the company has sold over 500,000 engagement rings in its history to customers who demand trust, value, and shopping on their terms.

In 2014, Blue Nile tested display cases of jewelry in two Nordstrom stores and found that the visitors were highly qualified. In fact, in one store, 91 percent visited specifically for Blue Nile on average versus being random Nordstrom customers. They learned that the low-overhead footprint meant that the company could simultaneously disrupt and leverage the brick and mortar experience. Blue Nile decided to open its first “Webroom,” a stand-alone physical retail location in June 2015, and has announced three more “Webrooms to open in 2016. Blue Nile’s Webroom has exceeded expectations for sales and sees a significant amount of foot traffic from those who are drawn in by the disruptive look of the space. Learn how the physical footprint actually enhances the online shopping experience and builds trust.

• How Blue Nile continues to connect with the most educated consumer in history in an authentic way that builds trust.
• What’s demanded by today’s consumer who cares about experiences.
• How Blue Nile is simultaneously leveraging and disrupting the brick & mortar model and offers consumers the freedom to shop in a physical space, but enjoy the advantages of online prices, non-commissioned advice, a huge selection, and great quality.
• How Blue Nile uses its physical footprint to enhance the online shopping experience and build trust among consumers.

Jon Sainsbury

President International & Head of Marketing
Blue Nile Inc

08:40 AM - 09:05 AM How Trust Drives eCommerce Differentiation and Conversions

Lee-Lin Thye, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Symantec
Consumer trust in your website and brand can either make or break your business. When trust is strategically established at the right moments during the customer experience, it increases eCommerce traffic, reduces shopping cart abandonment and drives more conversions. Ignored, it might cost you, your brand and your business.
• When trust can differentiate your brand and validate your website
• How successful brands leverage trust to elevate traffic, interactions and site stickiness
• Why your company’s leaders will thank you for advocating best practices that inspire trust
• Which best practices and tools can project trust throughout the customer experience


Lee-Lin Thye

Senior Product Marketing Manager

09:05 AM - 09:35 AM Keynote Panel Discussion: The State Of Transformation And Disruption Within The Retail Industry

Vishal Agarwal, EVP & CMO, Sean Bunner, VP New Business Development, HSN Matt Corey, CMO, PGA TOUR Superstore Lori Tenan, VP Sales, Narvar
The term disruption is defining leaders in retail today. And it isn’t limited to newer companies – many traditional retailers are becoming disruptive within their own verticals as well. Take a lesson from innovators in retail today as they explain their transformative best practices to enable growth.

• What is your definition of being a disruptor in this space? How are you defining success?
• Have you transformed your customer acquisition and retention strategies?
• How have you become a preferred brand for your customer base?
• How have you dealt with the digital pressures in retail today?
• How are you ‘owning’ customer experiences within your vertical?
• What types of experiences truly win customers in today’s market?


Vishal Agarwal


Sean Bunner

VP New Business Development

Matt Corey

PGA TOUR Superstore

Lori Tenan

VP Sales

09:35 AM - 10:15 AM Bellini Networking Morning Break

Grab a delicious cocktail in the Exhibit Hall, and check out the latest in tech for your business.

10:15 AM - 10:40 AM Keynote: The Vitamin Shoppe’s Customer Experience Reinvention Journey

Rose Hamilton, Chief Digital Officer, Vitamin Shoppe
The Vitamin Shoppe is currently undergoing a customer experience and shopper journey reinvention and evolving into a true health and wellness lifestyle brand and destination. The Company will be undertaking significant changes to the training of its health enthusiasts, product assortment, stores and digital experience, among others. This presentation will look at the case for change, the journey the company is undertaking and what the Vitamin Shoppe will look like in the future. The Vitamin Shoppe will succeed by redefining the customer experience to inspire its customers, differentiate the company through product offerings and services while at the same time staying focused on retail fundamentals. The presentation will touch on how this strategy was developed and how it is being brought to life in an omni-channel environment.

Rose Hamilton

Chief Digital Officer
Vitamin Shoppe

10:40 AM - 11:05 AM Keynote: How to Maximize on Mobile to Drive Relevance and Sales

James Smith, EVP Americas, Criteo
We live in a cross-device world, where consumers browse and buy on multiple platforms, online and off. Today’s marketers need to stay relevant, retain engagement and drive sales at every point in the fluid buying journey. Based on an analysis of shopping data from H1 2016, and led by Criteo’s EVP of Americas, James Smith, this session will dive into what current e-commerce behavior looks like globally and locally, and how marketers can pivot to a more successful and consumer-oriented strategy.

James Smith

EVP Americas
A large part of eTail’s mission is to showcase innovation in the retail space. This panel presents transformative companies that have amazing stories to share, including how and why they’ve achieved success, a break down of their business models, and how they are competing despite operating in a commodity driven environment. Want to understand how to drive innovation within your company? Attend this keynote session.

• How can retailers work smarter with startups and marketing innovators?
• What are your key growth initiatives for 2015?
• What internal challenges have you navigated to enable growth?
• What has really worked in terms of innovation at your organization to drive growth? What hasn’t, and why don’t you think it worked?
• How can you put innovation into practical terms?


Sandeep Varma

Enterprise Vice President of CRM, Loyalty, and Analytics
1-800 Flowers

John Theiss

SVP Retail and Brand Solutions

Adil Wali

Enterpreneur/Angel Investor/Co-Founder

11:35 AM - 00:05 AM Networking Refreshment Break Featuring “Minute To Win It” Games Inside The Solution Zone

Play For A Chance To Win $200!

It only takes a minute, to win it! Play fun games for a chance to win a grand prize! And grab some refreshments and check out all of the technology available in the Solution Zone.

00:05 AM - 12:30 PM Keynote: The 5 P's Of Building A Culture Of Innovation & Disruption

Nick Taranto, Co-Founder, Plated, Inc.
When it comes to building a culture that will “eat the world” it all comes down to 5 P’s: Purpose, Process, People, Product, and Platform. In this presentation, Nick walks you through his framework for building an innovative and disruptive operating model, and how you can apply it to your own organization.

Nick Taranto

Plated, Inc.

12:30 PM - 12:55 PM Keynote: Surviving The Stress: Survey Shows How SMBs Survive Omnichannel Marketing Demands

Sean Brady, President of the Americas, Emarsys
Stress. Pressure. Risk. Anxiety. The challenges of marketing a SMB can be overwhelming. Whether it’s competing with the Amazons of the world or the hottest start-up that’s stealing market share – the pressure to remain competitive, engage your customers and meet sales goals can be daunting.

Join this session as we reveal results and analysis from a survey of SMB marketers that can help you to relieve the pressures and cut through the complexities of omni-mchannel marketing, including:

• How brick and mortar shops are connected to the digital shopping experience
• Which channels are the primary drivers for acquisition and retention
• Which programs were implemented but didn’t deliver
• How KPIs trends such as cart abandonment and Average Order Value impact your budget and planning


Sean Brady

President of the Americas

12:55 PM - 1:15 PM Keynote: Harnessing The Power Of Shareable Content

Andy Wiedlin, Executive in Residence, Andreessen Horowitz
There is a lot of buzz and excitement around social mobile video and shareable content, yet the vast majority of consumer purchases occur in store. How can retailers harness the power of emerging social platforms to drive consideration and purchase? What types of content are consumers looking to enjoy and share? We'll discuss how to create branded content that builds brand loyalty and purchase.


Andy Wiedlin

Executive in Residence
Andreessen Horowitz

1:15 PM - 2:15 PM Meet and Greet Lunch & Networking For All Attendees

Meet and Greet Lunch & Networking For All Attendees

1:15 PM - 2:15 PM Invitation-Only Private Lunch Hosted By Symantec

Invitation-Only Private Lunch Hosted By Symantec

1:15 PM - 2:15 PM Invitation-Only Private Lunch Hosted By Demandware

Invitation-Only Private Lunch Hosted By Demandware

Track A: Growth In Retail/How To Beat Amazon

2:15 PM - 2:25 PM Chairperson’s Remarks

Ben Gray, Digital Experience Analyst, Applause
Chairperson’s Remarks


Ben Gray

Digital Experience Analyst

Track B: Omni-Channel/Multi-Channel Executive

2:15 PM - 2:25 PM Chairperson’s Remarks

Sanjay Tailor, VP Digital Strategy & Industry Solutions, CA Technologies
Chairperson’s Remarks


Sanjay Tailor

VP Digital Strategy & Industry Solutions
CA Technologies

Track C: Social, Mobile & The Future Of Retail

2:15 PM - 2:25 PM Chairperson’s Remarks

Doug Riches, Director of Customer Success,
Chairperson’s Remarks


Doug Riches

Director of Customer Success

Track A: Growth In Retail/How To Beat Amazon

2:25 PM - 3:00 PM CASE STUDY REVOLUTION: Three Retailers. Three Strategies To Become #1

Josh Himwich, VP and GM, XO Group
Josh will review how to think about competing with Amazon on price. He’ll kick off with a discussion of business model strategy, and focus on how three different retailers represent three different strategies to create a winning position. He’ll go into execution of those strategies, and do some crystal-ball gazing about what's next. Then the audience members will head into small group discussions to talk about lessons learned and how to apply these strategies to your business!


Josh Himwich

VP and GM
XO Group

Track B: Omni-Channel/Multi-Channel Executive

2:25 PM - 3:00 PM CASE STUDY REVOLUTION: Driving Omnichannel Change And Adoption At Hudson’s Bay

Lulu Ge, Head of Change Management, Hudson's Bay Company William Taylor, Director Strategic Initiatives, Hudson's Bay Company
Are you about to launch an initiative that requires the support from across the company? Are you facing resistance to change or simply a lack of participation from necessary players? Are you looking for ways to increase buy-in and adoption? Then join us for this interactive workshop to jumpstart or reboot your project by focusing on the ‘people side of change’. You’ll walk away with many ideas you can put to use immediately to drive your projects forward!

• How Saks Fifth Avenue approaches change management to increase omnichannel adoption
• Discover simple tools and techniques to help you involve the right players and create the support needed to drive change
• Share your change challenges with your peers and practice using techniques real time to help accelerate the success of your roll out


Lulu Ge

Head of Change Management
Hudson's Bay Company

William Taylor

Director Strategic Initiatives
Hudson's Bay Company

Track C: Social, Mobile & The Future Of Retail

2:25 PM - 3:00 PM CASE STUDY REVOLUTION: Beyond Revenue: How To Value Your Social Media Marketing

Ilana Rabinowitz, VP Marketing and Product Development, Lion Brand Yarn
If you are challenged with developing a corporate social media strategy and building a program to execute on that strategy, this session is for you. You’ll hear examples of how Lion Brand built a suite of branded media including blogging, video, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and influencer outreach that go beyond traditional goals of engagement, revenue and branding. You’ll see examples of how to execute on each objective that you can apply to your own branded media. All of the examples will be appropriate for small and medium companies on a budget.

• Six objectives for social media that provide substantial value
• Four pillars for your social media strategy (and how to execute on them)


Ilana Rabinowitz

VP Marketing and Product Development
Lion Brand Yarn

Exhibit Hall Meet-Ups And Activities

2:25 PM - 3:00 PM Join Us In the Social Lounge For Retailer-Only Meet-Ups

Anthony Long, Head of Demand Generation, Vistaprint
Meet retailers, get advice and tactics! You’ll have the chance to mix it up with executives who can give you free advice in areas like customer acquisition, omni-channel best practices, mobile and more! Every host will tackle a different problem area in eCommerce.

Generating Explosive SEO Results Now
Hosted By: Anthony Long, Head of Demand Generation, Vistaprint


Anthony Long

Head of Demand Generation

Track A: Growth In Retail/How To Beat Amazon

3:00 PM - 3:25 PM What Really Works In Google Shopping: Proven Strategies For Top Line Growth

Denis Coombes, Director, ROI Revolution Mike Girardin, Director of Ecommerce, Silver Star Jeans
Product ad growth is quickly outpacing text ads in Google. Take advantage of this shift and stay ahead of your competitors by creating smarter Google Shopping campaigns. Discover how Silver Jeans saw significant growth by applying a few simple but powerful strategies to their Google Shopping campaigns. Silver Jeans will share their experience on profitably integrating Google Shopping into their larger marketing plan, while paid search expert Denis Coombes shares specific strategies you can use to see great results in your own campaigns.


Denis Coombes

ROI Revolution

Mike Girardin

Director of Ecommerce
Silver Star Jeans
While many retailers talk up their “omni” game, they’ve yet to address the biggest pain point of all: mobile checkout.

Amazon is the only retailer to successfully nail it — and they’re reaping the rewards. The global retailer brings in more mobile revenue than the top 500 retailers combined. And they’re growing 60% faster.

How can other retailers compete? Apple Pay on the web and Android Pay are primed to have a serious impact, enabling shoppers to buy any product from any website with one simple action—a thumbprint. No login amnesia, fat fingers on half-pint form-fields, or side-trips to the app store. Leveraged by smart omni-channel strategies, Android Pay and Apple Pay promise to raise the bar for retailers everywhere.

Join Moovweb and panelists from 1-800, Pep Boys and Petco as we discuss how retailers can re-tool their omni-channel strategies in order to make the most of these emerging technologies.


Chris Vitale

VP Digital Operations and eCommerce
Pep Boys

Ajay Kapur

CEO and Co-Founder

Trevor Collins

Mobile Manager

Kapil Bansal

Senior Director Mobile and Growth

Track C: Social, Mobile & The Future Of Retail

3:00 PM - 3:25 PM Merchandising To Scale: Optimizing Cross Device Intelligence To Boost Conversions

Monal Patel, SVP and CBO, UNBXD
Shoppers are increasingly using multiple devices to discover the products they like, often leaving behind critical buying signals. These signals, if interpreted correctly, can play a key role in helping eCommerce enterprises scale faster. Key discussion points include:

• Understanding buyer behavior, and leveraging it to optimize the path to purchase
• Improving product discovery to drive conversions across multiple devices
• Industry findings in multi-platform product discovery and merchandising
• Proven merchandising hacks to make mobile merchandising efficient and scalable


Monal Patel


Track A: Growth In Retail/How To Beat Amazon

3:25 PM - 3:30 PM Panel Discussion: Effectively Prioritizing eCommerce Projects To Get Things Done

Leslie Leifer, VP eCommerce and Product Development, Amanda Greenberg, Sr. Director, eCommerce, Ferrara Candy Company Jon Panella, VP Technology Global CEP Strategy Lead, SapientNitro
eCommerce leaders are never at a lose for projects, both big and small. With the pace of change in the industry, many find themselves constantly trying to keep up. Our panelists look at key focus areas that will offer an ROI for their businesses, and help you sort through all of the options available today.

• How do you decide what resources to allocate to which projects?
• How do you decide which initiatives will provide the greatest ROI?
• How do you make it so are driving traffic into your stores (if you are omni-channel) in terms of prioritization of initiatives?


Leslie Leifer

VP eCommerce and Product Development

Amanda Greenberg

Sr. Director, eCommerce
Ferrara Candy Company

Jon Panella

VP Technology Global CEP Strategy Lead

Track B: Omni-Channel/Multi-Channel Executive

3:25 PM - 3:30 PM Panel Discussion: Redefining Omni-Channel Retail Experiences: Marrying Digital And In-Store

Brad Dolian, Mobile Marketing Manager, Cabela's Wayne Duan, Director Digital Commerce, Walgreens Kathy Thomas, Chief Strategy Officer, Half Price Books
This panel takes a detailed look at omni-channel – specifically how to become a fully integrated omni-channel organization that delivers upon that “omni-channel promise”. Find the means truly bring together your store and online channels after attending this dynamic session.

• What are the greatest challenges in creating an optimal omni-channel experience? To fully integrate in-store with your other channels?
• What are the key initiatives that you are focusing on with this integration, and why? What successes have you seen?
• How is mobile influencing the in-store experience? Has it enabled changes in your in-store experience?
• What impact does the digital footprint (web and mobile) have on in-store sales?


Brad Dolian

Mobile Marketing Manager

Wayne Duan

Director Digital Commerce

Kathy Thomas

Chief Strategy Officer
Half Price Books

Track C: Social, Mobile & The Future Of Retail

3:25 PM - 3:30 PM Panel Discussion: Turning Traffic Into Sales: Making The Mobile Experience Better For Today’s Consumers

Eileen Shulock, VP eCommerce, Kirna Zabete Michael Zuccato, Direcor Online Marketing, Sourcebooks Mike DiMiele, Director of Marketing, Pampered Chef Damon Burgess, Marketing Director, One Way Furniture
There remains a large gap with mobile traffic numbers and conversion numbers. Take a look at your mobile strategy from soup to nuts and figure out what updates you need to really see a difference in conversion on these devices.

• What are consumer expectations around mobile?
• Where does mobile fit into the path to purchase?
• What KPIs do you use for mobile? Is it conversion?
• How important is having a good mobile site to your business (overall)?


Eileen Shulock

VP eCommerce
Kirna Zabete

Michael Zuccato

Direcor Online Marketing

Mike DiMiele

Director of Marketing
Pampered Chef

Damon Burgess

Marketing Director
One Way Furniture

Invitation-Only Wine Tasting

3:30 PM - 3:55 PM Zeta Wine Tasting

Kick start your exploration of wines during Zeta's Invite-Only special wine tasting!

3:55 PM - 4:35 PM Minute To Win It Challenges & Boston Craft Beer Inside The Solution Zone

Play For A Chance To Win $400

It only takes a minute, to win it! Play fun games for a chance to win a grand prize! And grab some refreshments and check out all of the technology available in the Solution Zone.

Track A: Growth In Retail/How To Beat Amazon

4:35 PM - 5:00 PM Driving Engagement Thru Advanced Analytics, Segmentation And Crowd-Sourcing

Andrew Flanagan, Executive Director Ux, Design & Analytic, Lenovo
Engagement starts by appreciating that people want to participate actively. It requires a commitment, a rich conversation and a deeper level of interaction than a momentary transaction on the web. What are the steps you can take to uncover the opportunities to help a consumer through their online journey, enrich the experience and ultimately generate excitement, engagement and buzz for your brand. Discover how Lenovo is doing this through Advanced Analytics, Clustering and even leveraging Crowd-Sourcing in the gaming arena.


Andrew Flanagan

Executive Director Ux, Design & Analytic

Track B: Omni-Channel/Multi-Channel Executive

4:35 PM - 5:00 PM Attaining Associate Adoption Of Your Omni Channel Strategy

Chris Vitale, VP Digital Operations and eCommerce, Pep Boys Amanda Kendrick, Director of eCommerce, Pep Boys
This presentation reviews the measures taken to condition customer facing associates to adopt, live and breathe the omni channel strategies- a key competitive differentiator. Amanda and Chris will focus on associate training, communications, benchmarking, incentivizing and turning store associates into evangelists of your brand and corporate strategies.


Chris Vitale

VP Digital Operations and eCommerce
Pep Boys

Amanda Kendrick

Director of eCommerce
Pep Boys

Track C: Social, Mobile & The Future Of Retail

4:35 PM - 5:00 PM Secrets of Successful Videos from a Viral Video Master

Steven Leeds, SVP Marketing, Systemax
Every online marketer’s dream is to produce the video that goes viral. But here’s a sobering stat from YouTube: 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. How do you stand out in such a crowd? And what actually constitutes going viral? Are 1 million views enough to qualify? 10 million? Before Steven joined Systemax/Tiger Direct, he wrote viral videos for FunnyorDie and other clients. His videos have been viewed over 100 million times. TigerDirect’s last two videos have received 25 million and 6 million views. Even if they don’t go viral, videos are increasingly important to selling online. He will discuss the video production process from start to finish.

• Determine your target demographic and identify the social platform to reach them (YouTube for the masses, Facebook for generation Y, Snapchat for Millennials)
• Examine methods of video distribution, whether to create your own video or hire a YouTube celebrity to create one for you
• Measure your success and tie ROI back to a campaign
• Gain insight into what goes into viral videos


Steven Leeds

SVP Marketing

Exhibit Hall Meet-Ups And Activities

4:35 PM - 5:00 PM Join Us In the Social Lounge For Retailer-Only Meet-Ups: Get Free Advice You Can’t Get Anywhere Else

Mike DiMiele, Director of Marketing, Pampered Chef
Know Your Mobile Customer
Hosted By:
Mike Dimiele, Director of Marketing, Pampered Chef


Mike DiMiele

Director of Marketing
Pampered Chef

Track A: Growth In Retail/How To Beat Amazon

5:00 PM - 5:15 PM Dynamic Creative Optimization – Data Insights & Best Practices

Yishay Shachar, VP Customer Success, Americas, myThings
Check out the latest trends in dynamic creative in this session hosted by an Yishay Shachar, VP Customer Success, Americas, myThings. Yishay will cover the following:

• A look at the impact dynamic creative has on performance marketing
• Advice on how to improve the branding impact of your performance campaigns
• Tips on how to produce better dynamic creative


Yishay Shachar

VP Customer Success, Americas

Track B: Omni-Channel/Multi-Channel Executive

5:00 PM - 5:15 PM Capturing The Omni-Channel Opportunity

Manish Ahuja, Chief Product Officer, Qualia
How to Use Digital Identity to Drive Consumer Engagement through Seamless Experience

Device proliferation and technological advancement will continue to create new channels for brands and retailers -- across every segment: AR, VR, IoT, Mobile, and Video -- and all segments of increasing interest to retailers. But, unless brand retailers standardize and execute on an omni-channel strategy, they will scramble to keep up. Further, they have to own consumer identity to create a meaningful omni-channel experience for the consumers. And those identity solutions are often owned by the large walled gardens. Yet, without using digital identity, we are neglecting the promise of seamless experience in favor of a potentially disjointed, disparate cross-device/cross-channel execution. Join Manish Ahuja, Chief Product Officer of Qualia to understand the omni-channel opportunity, as well as the mindset, avenues and technical focus required to capture it.


Manish Ahuja

Chief Product Officer

Track C: Social, Mobile & The Future Of Retail

5:00 PM - 5:15 PM Please Visit Track A Or B.

Please Visit Track A Or B.

Exhibit Hall Meet-Ups And Activities

5:00 PM - 5:15 PM Join Us In the Social Lounge For Retailer-Only Meet-Ups: Get Free Advice You Can’t Get Anywhere Else

Michael Zuccato, Direcor Online Marketing, Sourcebooks
Customer Acquisition Best Practices
Hosted By:
Michael Zuccato, Director Online Marketing, Sourcebooks


Michael Zuccato

Direcor Online Marketing

Track A: Growth In Retail/How To Beat Amazon

5:15 PM - 5:45 PM Panel Discussion: The Future Of Personalization: Creating A Language Of Customer Engagement

Gregory Druck, Head of Research, Yummly Amanda Kendrick, Director of eCommerce, Pep Boys Meera Murthy, VP of Strategy, Evergage
This panel discussion speaks to personalization tools, when and where within the ecommerce experience personalization offers an ROI and helps you to benchmark against your own strategies.

• Creating a whole experience around recommendations
• Making content rich, lifestyle oriented, more publishing focused experience
• Merging content and commerce using engaging copy
• Understanding your customer data and getting the most out of it


Gregory Druck

Head of Research

Amanda Kendrick

Director of eCommerce
Pep Boys

Meera Murthy

VP of Strategy

Track B: Omni-Channel/Multi-Channel Executive

5:15 PM - 5:45 PM Panel Discussion: Examining The Relationship Between Marketing And Merchandising And Increasing Traffic Conversion

Wayne Duan, Director Digital Commerce, Walgreens Sarah Rasmusen, Vice President, Digital Presentation & Analytics, Kohl’s Corp Gary Kazmer, GM of eCommerce, Crayola LLC Allon Caidar, CEO, TVPage
Optimizing your online merchandising strategies is critical to providing an optimal customer experience. The first step is taking an internal look at how your merchandising organization is structured, and who is responsible for what. This panel walks through the relationship between marketing and merchandising to ensure you can maximize your efforts.

• Between Marketing and Merchandising , understanding who owns what in terms of content
• Learning who is directing internally on the client side- as it relates to landing pages specifically
• Discovering the efficacy of those pages by developing a detailed strategy around content
• Learning what truly moves the needle with your customers


Wayne Duan

Director Digital Commerce

Sarah Rasmusen

Vice President, Digital Presentation & Analytics
Kohl’s Corp

Gary Kazmer

GM of eCommerce
Crayola LLC

Allon Caidar


Track C: Social, Mobile & The Future Of Retail

5:15 PM - 5:45 PM Managing An Aggressive Development And Testing Roadmap In Fast-Fashion

Emily McTighe, Director Product Management, Digital, rue21
In fast-fashion, everything moves at a fast pace. To support the stores and eCommerce sales growth, we must use an aggressive testing and roadmap process to make the right decisions and investments.

After making a large investment in a new checkout that failed, we changed our development process and started making decisions based on iterative A/B testing, customer insights, and user testing to focus development in the right areas. The new process paid off in an 80% increase in conversion last year.

• Utilizing a testing focused roadmap and agile development to minimize the time to launch new features and winning tests
• Getting the balance right between onshore and offshore resources to maximize your budget without sacrificing quality


Emily McTighe

Director Product Management, Digital

5:45 PM - 5:46 PM Conclusion Of Main Day One

Conclusion Of Main Day One

5:46 PM - 7:15 PM eTail Booze, Bites & Bowling Cocktail Reception

We’ll head over to Jillian’s Lucky Strike for our Booze, Bites & Bowling Night. Have a competitive side? Perfect! Bowling tournaments, pool tables, and much more. Prefer something different? We have you covered. There will be a DJ, awesome entertainment, drinks, food and surprise entertainment. You’ll know why everyone raves about our receptions.

7:15 PM - 11:59 PM End of the Cocktail Reception

End of the Cocktail Reception