eTail East 2016 (past event)

August 14-August 17, 2016


Main Conference Day Two: Online And Multi-Channel Growth Fundamentals

07:30 AM - 08:00 AM Registration And Networking Breakfast Inside The Solution Zone

Registration And Networking Breakfast Inside The Solution Zone

08:00 AM - 08:15 AM Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

Liad Agmon, Co-Founder and CEO, Dynamic Yield
Dynamic Yield Executive


Liad Agmon

Co-Founder and CEO
Dynamic Yield

08:15 AM - 08:40 AM Keynote: It's Personal: How CVS Health Is Creating A Connected Health Experience For Its Customers

Brian Tilzer, Chief Digital Officer, CVS Health
In this session, Brian Tilzer, Senior Vice President and Chief Digital Officer for CVS Health, will explain how CVS Health is driving bold industry change using data and technology to fuel a customer-centric approach to innovation, recognizing that each individual’s healthcare journey is personal. Brian will discuss the company’s digital strategy, including the process for developing digital tools that help customers solve their healthcare management challenges. He will share his experience making an omni-channel strategy a reality at CVS Health, which has allowed the company to draw in new customers and more effectively engage with top customers, in addition to best practices and the latest innovations coming out of the CVS Digital Innovation Lab.


Brian Tilzer

Chief Digital Officer
CVS Health

08:40 AM - 09:05 AM Keynote: Cut, Clarity, Color, Communication: A Blue Nile Case Study

Jon Sainsbury, President International & Head of Marketing, Blue Nile Inc Fayez Mohamood, Co-Founder and CEO, Bluecore
Check out the latest and greatest in eCommerce technology in this session.


Jon Sainsbury

President International & Head of Marketing
Blue Nile Inc

Fayez Mohamood

Co-Founder and CEO

09:05 AM - 09:35 AM Keynote Panel Discussion: Staying Ahead Of Consumer Expectations To Drive Engagement And Keep Your Brand Top Of Mind

Rose Hamilton, Chief Digital Officer, Vitamin Shoppe Kathy Thomas, Chief Strategy Officer, Half Price Books Fred Waugh, VP Products, Marketing & Services, Invodo
As consumer expectations continue to change, how can ensure your brand remains top of mind? Customer retention is a huge challenge in retail today, as the number of marketing messages continues to grow. Our opening panel looks at the ways that retail brands are staying relevant with their customer bases and driving long term retention and engagement.

• Acknowledging that millenials and younger generations are completely different with their shopping behaviors and in the way that they interact with brands
• Ensuring your brand is where your customers are, no matter the touch point
• Comprehending usage and shopping patterns, in addition to what they are looking to get out of their shopping experiences
• Ensuring the store experience is a memorable in terms of being on trend and progressive even if the ROI may not be tangible
• Weighing whether more mass distribution approaches need to be used so that your brand is ever-present


Rose Hamilton

Chief Digital Officer
Vitamin Shoppe

Kathy Thomas

Chief Strategy Officer
Half Price Books

Fred Waugh

VP Products, Marketing & Services

09:35 AM - 10:05 AM Irish Coffee Morning Refreshment Break

Wake up with a steaming hot cup of Irish coffee.

10:05 AM - 10:25 AM Keynote: The Future Of Retail And The Convergence Of Customer Centricity, IoT And Omnichannel

Thoryn Stephens, Chief Digital Officer, American Apparel
The dynamic way in which consumers communicate, digest content, socialize and make purchasing decisions poses a difficulty for digital marketers. They must continuously evolve their marketing tactics to increase brand engagement. The issue is not a shortage of data or technology—it’s a shortage of actionable insights that drive measurable return. Achieving measurable return relies on how well you understand your target audience, your ability to tailor value proposition with what motivates consumers to buy, utilization of proper segmentation and targeting of content, and being able to establish return customers. Through best practices and examples you will learn:

• How to leverage customer centricity as the foundation of your consumer strategy and how to take action on this data
• Practical applications of omnichannel—the intersection of digital and retail in the consumer experience
• How IoT is shaping the consumer experience and how it relates to an on-demand retail case study


Thoryn Stephens

Chief Digital Officer
American Apparel

10:25 AM - 10:50 AM Keynote: 5 Smart Ways To Build A Behavior-Driven, Data-Enriched Customer Experience

Steve Dumas, Retail Digital Marketing Segment Director, IBM Marketing Cloud
Are you engaging customers (and future customers) where, when and how it's most convenient to them? With so many unique buyer journeys to account for and cross-channel data siloed across your organization, shifting to a seamless, customer-centric marketing approach can be a daunting task – but with contacts increasingly in control of these journeys, an essential one.

Join IBM Portfolio Marketing Retail SME Stephen Dumas for his discussion about how you can build your marketing approach around customer behaviors, integrate and act on data from across channels, and deliver a more satisfying experience throughout the customer journey.

Get tips for:
• Shifting your approach to a more customer-centric model
• Identifying and capturing the critical cross-channel data you need
• Employing behaviors to drive better experiences across each buyer journey stage
• Using real-world success stories to fuel big results for your company

Steve Dumas

Retail Digital Marketing Segment Director
IBM Marketing Cloud

10:50 AM - 11:20 AM Keynote Panel Discussion: Making The Omni-Channel Commitment Via Technology, Resourcing And Processes

Ghalia Bhatty, Chief eCommerce and Digital Officer, Scholastic Reading Club, Scholastic Stephan Schambach, CEO, NewStore Chris Vitale, VP Digital Operations and eCommerce, Pep Boys
Retailers begin their omni-channel journey with an internal review, figuring out how to organize themselves as an omni-channel organization. The resources must be allocated correctly, the technology in place to support their efforts and the strategy has to be defined. This keynote panel tackles the challenges of making omni-channel work within a retail organization.

• How you are enabling omni-channel capabilities such as reserve in store, ship to store, etc.?
• How are you enabling sales people using in-store technologies outside of POS? Using mobile devices?
• How are you adjusting training in-store to accommodate this integration? Despite turnover rates?
• Where does the POS go from here now that more and more retailers are getting rid of it? What does the POS look like for 2016?

Ghalia Bhatty

Chief eCommerce and Digital Officer, Scholastic Reading Club

Stephan Schambach


Chris Vitale

VP Digital Operations and eCommerce
Pep Boys

11:20 AM - 11:50 AM Refreshment Break And X Box Tournaments In The Solution Zone: Get Your Game On!

Get Your Virtual Reality On! Play For A Chance To Win A New Oculus Rift!

Plus, you’ll be able to meet all of the exhibitors showcasing cutting-edge technology.

11:50 AM - 12:10 PM Keynote: Creating Digital Cohesion Through Creative Destruction

Ghalia Bhatty, Chief eCommerce and Digital Officer, Scholastic Reading Club, Scholastic
Scholastic Reading Club is a B2B2C business model focused on enabling teachers to empower kids to read. Reading Club goal is to continuously improve teacher and parent engagement journeys in our B2B2C model and to create digital cohesion. This presentation will focus on the creative destruction in the digital competitive space and in customer behavior. And will highlight key areas that drive success.


Ghalia Bhatty

Chief eCommerce and Digital Officer, Scholastic Reading Club
100 million people around the world use Pinterest to discover things they love and want to try in their everyday lives. With 75% of the content saved to Pinterest originally coming from businesses, brands are a key part of this discovery process. In this session, you will hear how retailers are using Pinterest to understand consumer behavior and trends, reach new customers and innovate in the world of omni-channel marketing.

• Identify best practices for leveraging the latest solutions on Pinterest to increase awareness, acquire new customers, and increase sales
• Learn how retailers are using Buyable Pins to reach valuable shoppers on mobile
• Understand how Pinterest is continuously evolving to meet the needs of consumers and businesses


Michael Yamartino

Head of Commerce

Jess Jacobs

Director of Marketing

Max Harris

VP e-Commerce
Gardener's Supply Co.

12:35 PM - 12:55 PM Keynote: The Experience Revolution

Mark Walker, CEO, JackThreads
While real disruption has come to many areas of retail, digital fashion brands and brick and mortar stores have not. In 2015, retail purchases climbed just 2.1 percent – wrapping the weakest year since 2009. Further, there is a massive disconnect between traditional brick and mortar and the next generation of shoppers – Millennials.

So, in the current economic climate – how do brands win? Traditionally, brands won through superior product offering, shipping or price. But, to win as a retail brand today, you need to become an experience-first brand that is tailored to how millenials shop. Brands like Uber, Casper and JackThreads have combined their offering with a digital experience. We’ll take deep dive into their stories and uncover how they are exceeding customer expectations today.


Mark Walker


12:55 PM - 1:55 PM Meet and Greet Lunch & Networking For All Attendees

Meet and Greet Lunch & Networking For All Attendees

Track A: Data, Analytics & Attribution

1:55 PM - 2:05 PM Chairperson’s Remarks

Manish Ahuja, Chief Product Officer, Qualia
Chairperson’s Remarks


Manish Ahuja

Chief Product Officer

Track B: Customer Insights, Loyalty & Personalization

1:55 PM - 2:05 PM Chairperson’s Remarks

Chris Monberg, Boomtrain, Boomtrain
Chairperson’s Remarks


Chris Monberg


Track C: Conversion Optimization & Usability

1:55 PM - 2:05 PM Chairperson’s Remarks

Craig Smith, Founder and CEO, Trinity Insight
Chairperson’s Remarks


Craig Smith

Founder and CEO
Trinity Insight

Track A: Data, Analytics & Attribution

2:05 PM - 2:35 PM CASE STUDY REVOLUTION: Using Data To Optimize All Areas Of The Business

Mark Bietz, CMO,
Seasonal highs and lows in traffic can make life difficult for ecommerce teams trying to plan for growth. A surge in traffic provides a huge opportunity, but if you’re not prepared, you won’t see a corresponding surge in revenue. does the majority of their business for the entire year in the weeks leading up to October 31st. With so many orders coming in such a short time, the team has to be sure that the website is running smoothly and the customer experience is spectacular or risk losing revenue. While it may not be as extreme, every retailer faces some kind of seasonality in their business. This hands-on session is designed to provide actionable ideas – you’ll walk away from this session with a strategy to approach planning for seasonal peaks and specific ways to find success tackling these challenges.

• Balance testing and optimization with maintaining a stable web experience during peak traffic.
• Build robust customer profiles to improve the buying experience when customers come back next year.
• Stay engaged with your customers outside of peak season to be sure you’re on their mind throughout the year.
• Plan search and PR strategies to be the most successful while your business is the most relevant


Mark Bietz


Track B: Customer Insights, Loyalty & Personalization

2:05 PM - 2:35 PM Crafting a Product Marketing Initiative To Drive Brand Affinity Through Storytelling

Emily Culp, CMO, Keds
Learn how a 100 year old brand brought manufacturing back to the U.S. to celebrate its centennial year and tell an authentic product story to captivate consumers. The Made in the U.S.A. Collection was authentic to the brand because it demonstrated how committed Keds is to female empowerment in that women are hand finishing each shoe. It’s empowering being an earner for your family and a role model for your daughter, etc. By attending this session, you will learn how the brand used its rich heritage to both celebrate the past but propel the brand forward.

• Consumers expect authenticity from brands. The story behind the program weighed heavily on developing a collection 100% made in America
• Marketing programs can open up the doors to new distribution opportunities – in this case, Barneys
• Brands can use their storytelling to open up the doors for growth, as long as the stories are authentic to the brands


Emily Culp


Track C: Conversion Optimization & Usability

2:05 PM - 2:35 PM Merchandising 10,000 Unique Stores

Michelle Zara Evans, Vice President, Merchandising, Chloe + Isabel
Come hear from a leading retailer in this session from Chloe Isabel.

• The Chloe Isabel business model
• Tapping into the sharing economy
• Supporting your army of marketers and merchants
• Using technology to engage and inspire


Michelle Zara Evans

Vice President, Merchandising
Chloe + Isabel

Exhibit Hall Meet-Ups And Activities

2:05 PM - 2:35 PM Join Us In the Social Lounge For Retailer-Only Meet-Ups

Daniel Marques, Director Online Marketing, Talbots
Meet retailers, get advice and tactics! You’ll have the chance to mix it up with executives who can give you free advice in areas like customer acquisition, omni-channel best practices, mobile and more! Every host will tackle a different problem area in eCommerce.

Mobile Search Trends
Hosted By:
Daniel Marques, Director Online Marketing, Talbots


Daniel Marques

Director Online Marketing

Track A: Data, Analytics & Attribution

2:35 PM - 3:00 PM OMNI-CHANNEL 2.0: Driving Customer Growth, Recapture and Personalization With Customer Identity Management

Sheila Adams, Sr Director Strategic Alliances, Gigya Paul Gulbin, Managing Director – Technology and Digital Advisory, CohnReznick
The bar has been fundamentally raised on consumers’ expectations in this digital century. Retail today is different because consumers behave differently than in the past. They expect relevancy and are empowered with both access to information and platforms to praise or complain. As a result, retail marketers are moving away from broad demographic push-messaging and evolving to build true 1:1 customer relationships through personalized digital experiences. One of the foundations to achieve that goal is Customer Identity Management. In this session you’ll learn how to:

• Pursue the personalization of brands, products, services and experiences for each and every one of your customers
• Consolidate data from the front of the customer journey to gain a more holistic view of the customer
• Deliver consistent and coordinated experiences that are appropriate across physical store, online, and store channels via a unified customer identity

Those organizations that know their customers — and know them well — will be big winners. They will deliver relevant promotions and content to their customers at the right time and place because they know who they are, what they want, and when they want it.


Sheila Adams

Sr Director Strategic Alliances

Paul Gulbin

Managing Director – Technology and Digital Advisory

Track B: Customer Insights, Loyalty & Personalization

2:35 PM - 3:00 PM Drive Explosive Growth For Your Online Marketing Programs

Robin Smith, Manager, Internet Marketing Strategy, Thermo Fisher Scientific
This session will provide real life strategies that you can put into practice today to leverage your content to identify awesome opportunities for incremental traffic and revenue. Find out how to harness innovative machine learning and big data technology to boost scalability and huge growth and how to use the fundamentals of organic search, content marketing and UX optimization to propel your site’s growth.


Robin Smith

Manager, Internet Marketing Strategy
Thermo Fisher Scientific

Track C: Conversion Optimization & Usability

2:35 PM - 3:00 PM Stop Funding Your Competitors: Why Your Customers Are Leaving

Alan Harris, Conversion Optimization Evangelist, Blue Triangle Technologies
You’ve spent hours designing your pages, optimizing copy, creating beautiful images, and driving the right traffic to the right areas – but your customers are still leaving for the competition. We've measured billions of user experiences to reveal why users abandon and what you can do about it

Alan Harris

Conversion Optimization Evangelist
Blue Triangle Technologies

Track A: Data, Analytics & Attribution

3:00 PM - 3:30 PM Measure What Matters: Using Data to Improve Engagement and Optimize Profit

Michael Lackman, CEO, Petflow Joe Yakuel, CEO, Agency Within
This session delves into how Mike’s team uses analytics to trigger chat conversations (which happen among a community of pet parents), and from there, how they use variable contribution data to set bidding and conversion goals in terms of profit rather than revenue.


Michael Lackman


Joe Yakuel

Agency Within

Track B: Customer Insights, Loyalty & Personalization

3:00 PM - 3:30 PM Beyond Marketing Research vs. User Research: A Call For A Holistic Person-Understanding In Business

Alex Genov, Head of UX Research And Web Analytics,
This session will introduce a new way of thinking about how companies approach understanding their users, customers, consumers, fans, followers etc. – in short, understanding the people whose lives they affect. The new approach and mindset is applicable to companies of any size – from rebellious startups to established “captains of industry” type corporations. The new research mindset introduced in this presentation challenges calcified assumptions about how we approach understanding customers. These assumptions are most vividly apparent in large companies whose bureaucratic structure developed through the years establishes silos and sharp boundaries between understanding people for sales and marketing purposes versus understanding people for product design and development purposes. Once we realize that the final object of our understanding are real people with real behaviors, emotions, motivations, goals, etc., we will recognize that our customer research has to have a common business objective and a co-ordinated and complementary sets of methods across the whole organization.

The talk will highlight a cross-functional, cross-silo research case study from Zappos – a company that was built and operates on challenging common wisdom and the status quo.

• Understand the person, not the “shopper”
• No silos when it comes to customer understanding
• Use complementary research methods
• Inform the business as a whole
• Culture matters!


Alex Genov

Head of UX Research And Web Analytics

Track C: Conversion Optimization & Usability

3:00 PM - 3:30 PM Panel Discussion : Efficiently Moving Customers Through The Conversion Tunnel To Drive Repeat Purchases

Amanda Greenberg, Sr. Director, eCommerce, Ferrara Candy Company Brad Sockloff, SVP eCommerce, Nutrisystem Benn Mendelsohn, Brand Director, Sivana Dan Larkman, Sr. Director Operations, Steelhouse
Our panelists review their customer journey – how they are driving them through the purchase funnel, and how to ensure they are converting. If you are looking for a detailed review of how other companies are driving conversion – this session is for you!

• What tools are you using to move customers from traffic to actual conversion?
• What are different approaches to moving customers through the conversion funnel?
• What third parties are you using to assist with this?
• What other tools can be used aside from product information to motivate customers towards conversion?
• What are the triggers and deterrents for conversion?


Amanda Greenberg

Sr. Director, eCommerce
Ferrara Candy Company

Brad Sockloff

SVP eCommerce

Benn Mendelsohn

Brand Director

Dan Larkman

Sr. Director Operations

3:30 PM - 4:00 PM Margarita Happy Hour Refreshment Break Inside The Exhibit Hall & X Box Games

Play For A Chance To Win $800!

End your day with a refreshing cocktail, and you’ll be able to meet all of the exhibitors showcasing cutting-edge technology.

Track A: Data, Analytics & Attribution

4:00 PM - 4:30 PM Panel Discussion: Tying Offline Data To Online Data To Create Optimized Engagement Experiences

Victor Castro, Director of eCommerce, Zachy's Lindsay Chastain, Head of Marketing Strategy, LiveRamp Brian T. Schultz, Director of Site Management, Crate and Barrel
How do you create optimized engagement experiences? How do you keep track of customers that are moving across channels? These questions remain core challenges for retailers large and small. This panel tackles these questions and more, offering detailed insight in strategies to tie together both online and offline customer data.

• How are you attributing multi-channel within not only digital, but other touch points?
• How can you use this data to drive engagement experiences for your customers?
• What technology are you using to assist with this?
• How are you tying all of this together from an ROI perspective?


Victor Castro

Director of eCommerce

Lindsay Chastain

Head of Marketing Strategy

Brian T. Schultz

Director of Site Management
Crate and Barrel

Track B: Customer Insights, Loyalty & Personalization

4:00 PM - 4:30 PM Panel Discussion: Crafting ROI-Driven Experiences For Cross-Channel Customers

Kyle Wong, Founder& CEO, Pixlee Courtney Graybill, VP Digital Strategy & Analytics, David’s Bridal , ,
The new mandate for every digital business is to create compelling, rich customer experiences, and those brand touchpoints are expected to cross seamlessly into the many channels where a shopper can engage. Hear how you can create seamless experiences, no matter the channel, during this interactive group discussion.

• How do you think about your relationship with consumers as they move across devices?
• Has their behavior changed as they move from one device to another?
• How has the “always connected” consumer impacted your overall marketing programs? Channel strategies?
• How do you deliver an experience that doesn’t feel disjointed as consumers move across devices (shared bag, etc.)?
• What is the first step in the process?


Kyle Wong

Founder& CEO

Courtney Graybill

VP Digital Strategy & Analytics
David’s Bridal

Track C: Conversion Optimization & Usability

4:00 PM - 4:30 PM Panel Discussion: Increase Revenues Immediately Using Effective Testing Strategies

Brad Sockloff, SVP eCommerce, Nutrisystem Scott Zakrajsek, VP, Site Optimization, Scott Gude, VP eCommerce – Site Experience, Fanatics Roland Jimenez, Director of Brand Marketing (, Summit Sports
If you are going to test, what is it that you do first? How are you structuring and executing your tests? This session will review best practices, including keeping testing as a key focus area for your business, using the appropriate KPIs with your test results and the means to communicate the results internally to improve your overall customer experience.

• What are some best practices you can share around multivariate and A/B testing?
• How are you weighing the cost benefits of testing (using tools, internal ownership over testing programs)?
• What tools are you using and why?
• How do you schedule out tests (testing around specific pages, etc.)?
• How do you create a testing roadmap/dashboard?
• How do you know what’s the most impactful test to run? How is that decision making done?


Brad Sockloff

SVP eCommerce

Scott Zakrajsek

VP, Site Optimization

Scott Gude

VP eCommerce – Site Experience

Roland Jimenez

Director of Brand Marketing (
Summit Sports

Exhibit Hall Meet-Ups And Activities

4:00 PM - 4:30 PM Women In eTail Networking Reception

Just for the ladies! You’ll meet other dynamic females attending the conference (both seasoned and new). Cultivate new friendships and focus on your personal development, all in great company.

Track A: Data, Analytics & Attribution

4:30 PM - 5:00 PM Panel Discussion: The Attribution Modeling Journey: Finding The Right Model That Delivers Results For Your Business

Amy Boaz, Sr. Manager Global Digital Marketing, Global eCommerce, Lenovo Paul Lazorisak, Vice President, CRM and Customer Analytics, Talbots Ben Cedarberg, Director of Measurement and Activation, Ovative
Retailers are finally at the point where viable models exist to manage your campaigns, and our panelists walk through strategies to use data to make informed decisions for the future, and track cross-channel programs efficiently. Wondering how to get your attribution program off the ground with a starting start? This session is for you.

• Which models did you go through?
• Which ones did you stick with?
• What tools did you try, and why?
• What insight have you gleaned
• Over the course of time when attribution modeling was a part of your overall process?
• How did you ultimately adjust your spend based on the model? How did you quantify savings in certain areas vs. spending additionally in others?


Amy Boaz

Sr. Manager Global Digital Marketing, Global eCommerce

Paul Lazorisak

Vice President, CRM and Customer Analytics

Ben Cedarberg

Director of Measurement and Activation

Track B: Customer Insights, Loyalty & Personalization

4:30 PM - 5:00 PM Getting an ROI From Your Email Program: Reviewing Your Campaigns

Victor Castro, Director of eCommerce, Zachy's
Email remains one of the most cost effective acquisition and retention tools available to marketers, but it is changing rapidly. Hear how Zachy’s is taking their email program to the next level in this detailed case study presentation.


Victor Castro

Director of eCommerce

Track C: Conversion Optimization & Usability

4:30 PM - 5:00 PM Converting The Visual Shopper: Using AI To Power Insights, Search And Recommendations

Oliver Tan, CEO & Co-Founder, ViSenze
The explosion of visual content online and the rise of visual shoppers present a growing connection between the content and commerce world. Find out how we worked with retail giants like Flipkart, Zalora, and Essilor to overcome pain points and convert shoppers with visual content using innovative AI solutions in this track presentation.

Oliver Tan

CEO & Co-Founder
After a full day of sessions, your brain can get overloaded. Relax with a glass of wine (or a cold beer) during our casual chats at the end of the day. Join us on Wednesday afternoon. These sessions are great to not only mingle with fellow retailers, but get real solutions.

Table 1: Achieving Omni-Channel Success
Hosted By:
Eileen Shulock, VP eCommerce, Kirna Zabete

Table 2: Jumpstart Your Start Up
Hosted By:
Christine Monaghan, Director/VP eCommerce, Villa

Table 4:
Hosted By:
Rosie Manfredi, Director, User Experience, Digital Commerce, Harry and David

Table 5: Attribution Best Practices
Hosted By:
Amy Boaz, Sr. Manager Global Digital Marketing, Global eCommerce, Lenovo


Eileen Shulock

VP eCommerce
Kirna Zabete

Christine Monaghan

Director / VP eCommerce

Rosie Manfredi

Director User Experience and Digital Content
Harry and David

Amy Boaz

Sr. Manager Global Digital Marketing, Global eCommerce

6:00 PM - 11:59 PM End Of Main Conference Day Two

End Of Main Conference Day Two