eTail East 2016 (past event)

August 14-August 17, 2016


Main Conference Day Three: It’s All About Growth – Mobile, Social And Emerging Markets

08:30 AM - 09:00 AM Registration & Networking Breakfast

Registration & Networking Breakfast

09:00 AM - 09:15 AM Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

Casey Gannon, VP Marketing, Shopgate
Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

Casey Gannon

VP Marketing

09:15 AM - 09:40 AM Keynote: The Last Session You’ll Ever Need to Go to About Omni-Channel. Promise

Charlie Cole, Chief Digital Officer, Tumi
Charlie will talk through what omni channel means at Tumi – and how the journey to optimize across the entire company from day one evolved. He’ll review conversion results from existing customers, increased organic traffic and increased net promoter scores. You will leave this session with actionable take-aways.

• How omni-channel compensation has to work – be understood – and optimize
• Depending on what you sell – what “tried and true” omni channel strategies don’t make any sense
• Systems. What needs to talk to whom about what
• Commoditized technologies you are paying too much for in an omni channel universe


Charlie Cole

Chief Digital Officer

09:40 AM - 10:05 AM Keynote: Real Talk on the "Elusive" Customer Experience

Alex Yoder, CEO, Trueffect
Check out the latest and greatest in Customer Experience in this session, hosted by Trueffect.


Alex Yoder

This keynote session is all about innovation in mobile today – how to define it, and how to capitalize on the latest mobile technologies to increase your revenue from these devices. Expectations around mobile experiences are changing rapidly – can you keep up? This kick-off session shows you how.

• How are you thinking about innovation in the mobile space (location data, beacons, personalization mobile messaging, etc.?
• How has mobile transformed retail experiences?
• How is the mobile payments space evolving (looking at crypto currencies, etc.)?
• What opportunities do these innovations present (new customer data, mobile loyalty programs beyond point based programs, etc.)?


Tom Weisend

Director of User Experience

Jerry Hum

Touch of Modern

Casey Gannon

VP Marketing

Asif R. Khan

Founder & President
Location Based Marketing Association

10:45 AM - 11:15 AM Coffee & Refreshment Break

Coffee & Refreshment Break

11:15 AM - 11:50 AM Keynote: Leverage Social Media Channels To Drive Sales And Consumer Engagement

Philip Rooke, CEO, Spreadshirt
Harness the power of YouTube Stars and other social media influencers to tap into a very engaged, loyal and enthusiastic group of global consumers. In this age of instant commerce, digital stars have more ardent fans than traditional media. The top talent is represented by global talent agencies, Spreadshirt has made a deliberate decision to partner with the biggest agencies to immediately tap into this sector and provide state of the art platform options to retain talent and fans. Spreadshirt has recognized several sectors that are key markets for our growth. This discussion takes a look at these markets and potential for growth and brand engagement.

Philip Rooke


11:50 AM - 12:15 PM Keynote: 5 Ways To Stay Off The Ecommerce Naughty List This Holiday Season

Ryan Gibson, EVP, Marketing Strategy, Merkle
You've made your list of Holiday To-Dos, but have you checked it twice? In this session, we'll share the magic of applying lessons from your customers' shopping behavior from last year to help you maximize the 2016 Holiday season. For an added bonus, we'll also share a virtual sleigh full of this year's latest digital shopping trends.

You will walk away from this session with at least 5 ideas to apply when they head back to their "toy shop" to prepare for the holiday.


Ryan Gibson

EVP, Marketing Strategy

12:15 PM - 12:50 PM KEYNOTE CASE STUDY REVOLUTION: Creating Community To Drive Commerce

Lauren Miller, Vice President of Marketing, Le Tote
Check out the latest and greatest in this session from a leading retailer.


Lauren Miller

Vice President of Marketing
Le Tote

12:50 PM - 1:40 PM Lunch For All Attendees

Lunch For All Attendees

Optimizing your content is more important than ever to drive customer engagement. Our content experts deliberate about content creation and marketing – who owns it, how to create it, distribute it and get the results from it that you need.

• How is content treated within your company? Is it siloed?
• Where does it live – on your site, on a blog, where?
• Are you moving away from hosting content outside of your site?
• How can you make sure it aligns with marketing so it can be maximized?
• How are you taking content traffic and bringing it into a sales channel
• How are you integrating UGC and using it to your advantage (helping customers make purchases at point of sale, etc.)?
• Where does video live so that is consumed (and even shared)?
• Are there cost per click opportunities? Or do you use it as part of display ads?
• How can you use content to create a great and easy customer experience that drives loyalty?


Bridget O'Brien

Vice President, Marketing Communications

Christine Monaghan

Director / VP eCommerce

Peter Stringer

VP of Digital Media
Boston Celtics

Ashley Serotta

Senior Director, Digital Marketing & eCommerce
Living proof, Inc.

Gregory Rice

Marketing Manager

Natalie Ben-Zur

Tempt Brands

2:10 PM - 2:50 PM PANEL DISCUSSION REVOLUTION: Examining Device Type Trends In Search– Optimizing For Mobile

Bryson Meunier, SEO Director, Vivid Seats Ltd. Ethan Smith, Chief Growth Officer, Yummly
One of the greatest opportunities today to capture mobile customers is through an optimized mobile search strategy. This panel looks at the latest trends in mobile search, including how to manage your program, ensure you are tracking effectively, and get the ROI you’re looking for.

• How does your brand optimize its web experience for mobile differently from desktop traffic?
• How does your SEM/SEO performance differ across devices?
• How do you manage your SEM/SEO differently for mobile campaigns versus desktop?
• Thoughts on Google Enhanced Campaigns?
• Do you measure the same things across all devices; do you have extra things you track for mobile?
• Do you have a specific employee or person who acts as a mobile champion? Or an individual responsible for driving mobile innovation and measuring mobile performance?
• How do you feel about your mobile ROI? Any big successes in the space to date?


Bryson Meunier

SEO Director
Vivid Seats Ltd.

Ethan Smith

Chief Growth Officer

2:50 PM - 11:59 PM Coffee & Refreshments/ End Of Main Conference Day Three

Coffee & Refreshments/ End Of Main Conference Day Three